In this episode, I share my best practice for managing your time in the most effective and productive way.

I leverage the 80/20 rule by Richard Koch and how it applies to your entrepreneurial journey.

If you’re at the start of your journey or struggling as an entrepreneur in the Information Age then this week’s episode is definitely for you.

More deeply, I talk about identifying and focusing on your Income Producing Activities (IPA‘s) and your Value Producing Activities (VPA‘s).

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This week I give a special shout out to Dr Sandi Eveleth.

Dr Sandi Eveleth has a podcast called ‘Making All The Right Connections‘.

It is a show dedicated to the “Connector”, business owner or influential catalyst interested in Making ALL the Right Connections to increase profits for your business, improve your career, improve your life, or make significant changes to improve the lives of others.

To learn more about Dr Sandi Eveleth, click here.